Saturday, December 28, 2013

Superstitions? Or Moving Madness?

Perhaps I'm more superstitious than I thought. Black cats, walking under ladders, broken mirrors don't bother me, but like the ancients, I am prone to believe in omens and signs. And I'll admit to more than one, in my lifetime, psychic reading, tarot card reading and astrology reading...just in the spirit of good fun,

But this has been a very tough year for me, and leaving this little house on the lake--my retirement paradise--has been one of the toughest things I've ever had to do. The doom and gloom of it cast a very black cloud over the holidays, and I seldom do well during the holidays when everything's fine~! But oh! My little house with the grapefruit tree, the wading birds lining the shore of the lake just a few feet from my lanai. Every day I have found somehing visually new to love about it.

My new house has hardly any landscaping. The prior owner pulled up everything apparently because she had bugs. (Ever hear of bug spray?) So I am busy collecting the free little pots of plants that "Jungle John", a neighbor of mine, puts out on his driveway for passersby to pick up. They are tiny and will take years to grow large enough to be landscaping, but it's a start. I'm researching to see if my yucca canes (indoor plants) could possibly thrive outdoors if I plant them.

My old house has lush foliage around it. Blooming hibiscus, bougainvillea, enormous shrubs and bushes. In the front a delicate slender palm stood among fat multi-colored shrubs. I love the look.

So where does the superstition come in?

Okay, I got into my financial difficulties starting a year ago, and have been hanging on by my fingernails (and denial) ever since. The first thing to happen is that my gorgeous grapefruit tree started to die. I spent a lot of time and money trying to nurse it back to health, and it is producing fruit again, but they are not as sumptuous, large or sweet as when I bought this house. Then a series of horrors inside the house began to happen. I had a massive leak in the water heater and had to have all the plumbing replaced. A huge expense which isn't paid in full to this day. I was told that the leak caused the underflooring to rot, and that had to be replaced. It meant tearing up the kitchen and bath to replace plywood and then redoing the floors. I was frantic. My beautiful house was falling apart in front of my eyes. Then a leak in the roof left a discoloration on my ceiling. I had no money for roofers. The sun shines a lot. I've just let it dry up. But I know in my heart that there's roof trouble ahead.

These are bad omens, and unwelcoming signs. I didn't put it together right away.

This morning, when I took the dogs out for their walk, I couldn't believe my eyes. There, right in my front yard, the lovely graceful palm that was the center focus of the landscaping, had FALLEN OVER, crashed to the ground:

We had had no rain, no high winds. Nothing. One day it is standing upright, and the next morning it is gone. I looked at the base, but can discern nothing about it that indicates bugs? But I'm no botantist.

I can only say that this house is bidding me farewell. Get out!

All right, already, I'm going!



  1. Sounds like the right time for a move. The house is telling you something!

  2. Loud and clear! Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth. ox