Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Twas the Night before Christmas
The house was near bare
From moving full boxes
From this place to there:
The stockings, the silver, the linens and clothes,
The bath oils and skillets, the video shows.
The little Fit Honda was crammed to the top
With lamp shades and golf clubs, a broom and a mop.
The big moving men won’t arrive ‘til the 2nd
But meanwhile the stuff is still moving, I’d reckon.

On Sugar! On Henry! On poor little Spice!
Without a true home, it’s so hard to be nice.
They help with the packing, stay out of the way,
But eagerly wait for the last moving day.

I thank all the Santas who sent love and more!
Bits of money to keep the big wolf from the door.
The spirit of Christmas resides in my peeps
If not in the heart of this tired old ______(bleeps).
Someday on your roof, you’ll find me in a sleigh
Delivering presents on your special day,
To thank you for friendship, for love and in spite
Of my folly and failure, I intend to do right.

I’ll lay my head down on a pillow tonight
And wait for the New Year to brighten my plight
And dreams will still gather as they always do
Of mountains to conquer and projects to brew.
So though it be Christmas, and eighty degrees
I simply refuse to be brought to my knees.
So putting "that" finger inside of my nose
I'll mutter Bah Humbug, and curse all my foes,
But to those folks I love who stood by my fight,
Merry Christmas, dear ones, and to all, a good night.


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