Monday, February 24, 2014

She Can't Say No...

The Lucky Pauper's Editor editing services project is coming along well. I've completed one book of poetry, done a substantive overview of one novel, and am working on another full edit of a novel at the moment. So three projects since 2/14/14 is a reasonable indicator that this new business might fly.

In a burst of excitement and optimism, I called the other dreaded cashier job and quit. The manager was too busy to even talk, and said she'd call me back. She did and much to my amazement, she asked me not to leave. They have offered me a choice of shifts, as many hours as I want to work (not many), and the days I want...carte blanche. I was stupified. I was SURE they'd be happy I was leaving, as I feel so completely asea when I'm there, juggling the myriad tasks (see last post). I all but blushed with the acknowledgment, and said that I'd stay on. So now I need to set the hours and days I want. That old song pecking at my ears..."she's just a girl who can't say no..." The girl in this photo must have had the same experience.

When my life went into nose-dive last October, there were people who love me but thought I'd never do anything but crash and burn. My confidence in myself was shaken to the core, and my wings still wobble to this day but I'm seeing that I was able to take the controls and level out. Not flying at high altitudes any longer but still in the air. You can't imagine how heartened I am by this. My tendency is to always go the codependent route, trust the opinions of others close to me rather than rely on my own ideas. I held tight to what I wanted and as a result, those close to me stuck by me and supported me all the way. I wouldn't be here at all without my friends.

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