Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowlery!

I'm so fortunate to have really good friends, and I've been invited to watch the Super Bowl at their house today. (I have no cable TV, so this is a gift!). I offered to bring the foodstuffs, the fare of Super Bowl (which I have NEVER done before. This is my FIRST Super Bowl party).

Well, when you say Super Bowl, what food comes right to mind? CHICKEN WINGS, right? So I have been doing intensive research on how to prepare chicken wings. There are only about a gadzillion recipes out there, everything from purist Buffalo to Thai and Orange Marmalade.

I bought two packages of wings at Publix, but until I opened them, I didn't realize I got a FULL wing, right off the ol' chicken.

What I need, of course, are those smaller pieces. So I looked up the many trusty videos on cutting wings. Believe me, there's plenty. Just put the blade at this little spot, and hit down....yeah, right. I went through EVERY butcher knife in my kitchen, and NONE of them were sharp enough to cut off the "flapper" (tip of the wing), and divide the rest into two pieces. Frustrated, I looked around my kitchen and spied the kitchen shears. Aha! Now mind you, these are just good large scissors, made of sturdy metal, not designed for the kitchen at all, but they are sharp. I've used them on plenty of things like removing fat from beef, etc. So I gave it a try. Voila, it worked. Easy peasy, snip snip and I got through two packages of wings in just minutes.

So I have floured them with some bread flour (my general purpose flour had bugs in it! Now I'm on the search for bug proof storage bins) cayenne and garlic powder and I'm letting them sit in the fridge. I shall bake them, and THEN sauce them with Franks RedHot sauce mixed with prepared chili sauce and a little chili powder, AFTER they come out of the oven (and just before I leave for the party.) I plan to make a blue cheese dip, and hoping the finished product comes out looking like this:

In addition to the wings, I've made Salad Olivier (a yummy version of potato salad that sounds like it comes from France, but seems to be popular in Iran?) and I will be making large wheat flour tortilla quesadillas loaded with spicy hummus, black beans, tomatoes, scallions, avocados, taco seasonings, and cheese. We figured some Mexican beer and Foster's Ale might be the finishing touch.

Now...the important thing. Who's going to win? I think I should root for the Broncos since they beat the Patriots (the team I wanted to win) but that Seahawks quarterback charmed me on a video yesterday...hmmm. Ha. Ask me how I bet race horses? The color of the silks, of course.

Happy Super Bowl, all you maniacs, whether you watch or not.


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