Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Things I Love About My New House

Looking back at recent posts, I reealize what a root canal it was to leave my last home. I had figured it would be my "final" move and see me to the end. Funny how things work out.

But this wee little house in a wee little manufactured home park is starting to grow on me. 1. The neighbors are seriously nice and decent people. No airs, no Naples prestige/ego/money thing going on. It's refreshing. I don't feel challenged. Challenged is a feeling I get when I am around people who think they are better/smarter/happier/richer than me. Even if it's true, it gets my back up. Really superior people don't make me feel that way--only the pretenders and the jerks.

2. My elecric bill (once I got that A/C horror resolved) was $82 instead of $158. That accounts for not having a dishwasher, ice machine, TV, heater, hot water washer, (it only has plumbing for cold water), and of course a string of cold winter days which keeps the bills down. The addition of a small space heater didn't seem to mess up the reduced bill, however.

3. I don't have wall to wall, but instead tile and linoleum which is a snap to keep clean. It's soooo much easier with the cat and dogs too, and because all is white, I can SEE dirt, as opposed to not realizing the carpets are full of it. So everything feels cleaner, since I can sweep and mop and NOT have to vacuum to keep it tidy. Love that clean house feeling. No dishwasher means I keep the kitchen a lot more clean too, I believe. That hot water sponge in my hand (from dishwashing) is almost cosntantly wiping down counters and windowsills and tiny spots on the floor. (two sponges, actually).

4. One of my lanais (the entry) has a direct entry to the shed. In my old house, you entered the shed from the outdoor driveway. But in this house, it's all one big piece. I go down steps to the lanai and straight into the shed where the dryer (which is FINALLY working on 220 v. wiring) is located. It makes the shed feel more like another room instead of being an outdoor addition. Just increases the available space of the house, as does the other lanai which I converted to a dining room/art studio. In weird little ways, THIS house feels more spacious than the other. That tickles me no end. And we're all getting used to the smallness, and not tripping over each other like we did at first. (I stepped on a few furry paws, and they soon learned to make way.)

5. I'm three minutes away from my job. (my job is another topic altogether) but being able to just boogie that fast to work is killer. Love that.

So, this is when I bought it:

And this is now:

Very Floridian-Kitsch, and affordable! Love the one you're with!