Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Good News * Bad News * No News

The Good News!

I am NOT a hypochondriac. In spite of all my fears, tut-tutting myself over such silly symptoms (it must be a cold, it has to be a sinus infection, it can't be anything serious) and secretly terrified of bronchitis or COPD (which killed my mother), it was NOT all in my imagination. That's good news.

The Bad News!

I have bacterial pneumonia and quit my job at Panera's. I'm apparently contagious and must not serve the public or handle food.

No News!

Not a peep from the interview I had for a job that would be pretty nifty, if I got it. But my vibes are not singing on this one.

UPDATE: More good news

Just one day of meds have made the desire to continue breathing return~! Bless modern medicine~!


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