Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Journal Entry

The air conditioning in this new house has never been terrific, and the heat didn't work at all. I found a treasure of a handyman who used to work for a big A/C company and already repaired the heating problem for $25. The A/C was a bit of a mystery, so it cost $100 to find the root of the problem. The unit I have requires a 14" duct-- and a 10" duct had been installed instead. It didn't sound like too major a problem, but apparently it's very dirty work under these old mobile homes, but my treasure needed the money, so he gave me a good price. I'm talking about the duct that carries hot air OUT of the house.

Today's the A/C repair day, and the poor man is crawling around my house, getting filthy dirty and getting crap in his eyes, in spite of the safety glasses. He's an interesting looking man, rather handsome with a look of Greece or the Mideast about him. He's about the same age (I'd guess) as my last lover, who was 55. Plus he's nice. I like it when workers are nice, and I've been told his price is unbelievably cheap, so I'm holding my breath. And trying not to flirt.

I just got the news from him that the big duct that carries cold air INTO the house has fallen apart and is not really attached to the house. How I have been getting ANY cool air at all is a total mystery. I got on my belly to look under the house, and sure enough, it's hanging there, semi-attached but not really connected. But because it's a tiny house, somehow some air has been filtering in, but just not enough to be properly cool. So my handyman is going to have to repair that too, and reports some really ugly news about things falling apart under the house. Well, this house dates back to 1979, so I'm not surprised.

I was trying hard to save money for my trading fund. But it is clear to me that this job is likely going to take all of my meager savings. I'm still buying lottery tickets.

People may wonder why I'm grumpy, out of sorts. Unhappy. I try not to be, but it's more energy than I have.

When I asked this guy what I could do to help, he said, "oh yeah. I'm supposed to have a permit and everything to do this, which would cost you a lot more money, so if anyone from the county stops by, just be sure to say that you're my mother, okay?"

Now, that's more than funny.

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