Friday, May 2, 2014


First of all, I got the job I applied for, (after leaving a job I wasn't suited for, just the day before). I really didn't expect to get this job which is a perfect match for my office skills and pays 50% more than the other job which was criminally hard on me. I had to start the new job TODAY in spite of my illness, and I made it through.


Second of all, I got a call from my doctor with an apology. She got my chest xrays back and instead of pneumonia, it appears to be just a severe case of bronchitis, and the meds she provided should still do the trick. I'm feeling well enough to go to work today (well, almost, but it was an easy first day of getting acquainted) so that computes as another huge HOORAY!

I don't report for work again (a part time job) until Tuesday, which gives me a little recuperation time. Oh Lordy, the tide has finally turned. It's been a very long spell of great hardship, if I do say so.

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