Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Job Report

I'm here to say that, so far, the new job looks to be a winner! The people are really nice and their needs are vast. My skills are a perfect fit, and it's only a matter of finding enough time to get it all done. This is a part time job with full time needs! But perhaps after a little organization and computerization, things will settle down to a nice PT job.

It's a small company, only eleven employees, but they are growing. It's a one-girl office situation, where I'll be doing the accounting and office management for my boss and his men in the field (drivers of big sweeping trucks that maintain shopping mall parking lots). Funny, I never thought about it, but in the middle of the night there are people out there cleaning those malls and parking lots while we sleep! The thing to take home is how fast the world can change. I was so very miserable (simply without-words miserable) for the last eight months, fearing every thing including my health, my demise, my very existence. And this morning I am full of hope and good will, new intentions and mending from a nasty illness, and many really nasty life experiences with others. It's just incredible how that shift can be so dramatic. (and as far as I know, I'm not bipolar!)

So here's to life's flux, may it always be full of surprises and leave us hoping for more.

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