Monday, May 5, 2014

"Proof of Heaven"

The road to recovery is long and hard. Ups and downs. Coughing is abating slowly, but still not 100% yet. So a lot of bed rest, reading and films.

The husband of a friend of mine recommended this best seller "Proof of Heaven" by a neurosurgeon named Alexander, which chronicles his near death experience. Here is a review of the book in The New York Times Nov. 2012.I have to admit to my own serious doubts on many levels, but most especially his descriptions of his heaven:

He was reborn into a primitive mucky Jell-o-like substance and then guided by “a beautiful girl with high cheekbones and deep blue eyes” on the wings of a butterfly to an “immense void” that is both “pitch black” and “brimming with light” coming from an “orb” that interprets for an all-loving God.

I was amused to read some of the readers' remarks on Amazon, the most outraged of them being wholly-believing Christians who didn't buy Alexander's "heaven" story either.

It is difficult to ccmpletely write off a doctor like Eban Alexander because of his compelling scientific and medical education. He gives a compelling account of why the "consciousness" experience that he had, without a functioning brain to attribute anything to, might suggest "something" outside of the earthly plane and physical self being possible.

I suppose a part of me believes in something that I don't attempt to explain. If I had to, it would likely be a model of a swirling vortex in another dimension, out of which all life comes and into which all death goes--rather like a big flush in the sky of consciousness. (I'm smiling). But this heaven of Dr Alexander's has a God (the faceless "Orb") and winged beings, anthems, rolling lawns and swarms of butterflies apparently used like Aladdin's magic carpets. Excuse me? I do believe the doctor's brain WAS damaged somewhat in his miraculous recovery.

However, as silly as I think this is (with apologies to those who are true believers) I DO think there is MUCH more to this world than the physical plane. In fact I am certain of it. My own life experiences cannot all be explained by the normal science. Alexander's references to Quantum Mechanics are apt, I think, as this is Physics that has testable results that indicate not only free will, but some most inexplicable results. I would recommend The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Zukov, and the books of Fred Alan Wolf and Fritzjof Capra if you want to dip into a little "woo-woo" that'll give you something "real" to think about! I haven't been into quantum books for many years, so I may just have to prowl around and find some proof of heaven that smacks of a little more proof. I think Dr. Alexander believes his story, and I wish him well, but I'm not buying any tickets to butterflies, myself.



  1. “a beautiful girl with high cheekbones and deep blue eyes” makes it perfectly clear he's a male chauvinist pig influenced strongly Spielberg (whose movies I swore never to see again a decade ago)

    I'm completely into the woo woo but completely not into this feeb

  2. Well, I have no need/interest in defending an oversimplistic (especially given who he is!) and
    ridiculous book, but I must let you know the beautiful girl (at the end of the book) turned out to be the sister he'd never met (who died) after he was adopted out. The point being that NDE tales usually include a family member "waiting for them" in heaven. Eeek. I don't like to judge but it's really too much. Love that you commented. It's a piece of work, and a best seller, of course. THAT makes me sad. Because Einstein has much nicer things to say in the essays I'm reading on Spirituality and Quantum Physics. Watch this blog!