Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hot Summer Days for the Loose Fish

June is leading right into July, ya' notice that? And it IS hot! S.W. Florida in the summertime. I chose to live here right?

BUT, I did not realize the air conditioning ducts under my house were so far gone that it would cost more to repair than if I put in a new A/C System altogether. Neither of which I can afford. The unit itself is working but the "faulty" duct/insulation system is leaking cold air out from under the house into the surrounding world, meaning my house is lukewarm and my A/C bills are ASTRONOMICAL. Can I catch a break?

And almost like some kind of weird karma, the A/C in my old clunker van (only about a week old in my care) started blowing hot air too~~~!!! Man, I live in a very hot world these days.

So...what's the solution?

Okay, cool dude David who tried to help me with the under-house problem suggested I bite the bullet (after all, this house is a 1979!) and just cut holes into the walls at appropriate places and install big window units. Last night I ordered two 15000 BTU air conditioners from WalMart (the largest BTU I could find with 120 V current, goodness knows I don't want electrical wiring bills for 220 V TOO), and I can pick them up Friday. My park handyman, Mike, is willing to do the job and knows exactly how...(he sat andgave me elaborate descriptions. He's built houses from scratch, and lives in a mobile home himself which he's turned into a dream house with his skills). So it may take a week or so, but this project is under way.

I was nervous about the Dodge Grand Caravan too. Cheap car, expensive repairs? But the Lucky Pauper danced with the Loose Fish again, and it turned out to be a case of 1 1/2 lbs. of freon was needed. The car was almost empty of freon. $100 and I was blissfully cool and on the road again. I love our local mechanic, Naples Park Auto Services. Honest, fast, kind and efficient. I recommend them highly.

So...things are cooling down, but to help the situation I've put this on my shopping list: (a recipe from "You're Doing It Wrong" column on Slate's wonderful website) I love this one cuz it's 10 minutes. About my attention span these days. I would hold out a few tablespoons of veggies (from the mix) to add at the end for crunchies.

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