Saturday, June 28, 2014

June is Going Out Like a Tidal Wave

Summer rain storms in South Florida are nothing to ignore. The tropical thunderstorms gnash and thrash, sheets of rain, high winds and lightning that would make Thor proud. I drove home in such a storm yesterday (and they will occur almost daily throughout our summer) and could barely see the car in front of me on the Tamiami Trail. This morning a neighbor came over to inform me that a piece of siding on my house was down, exposing poor ol' underbelly of my wee house to all the feral neighborhood critters.

My dogs have to wait for very long periods of time for the rain to subside, thus their walks are compromised. Palm fronds were strewn all over the sidewalks of our dog park this morning (giving my boys the joy of numerous reasons to lift their little legs.) It's formidable!

BTW, the gazpacho I made from the recipe in my last post (a 10 minute quickie recipe) was outstanding!! It's a keeper. And it beats the heat and humidity off, or so it seems.

~ * ~

There's trouble in River City. My emotions are doing their own thunder storms this week. Not too happy with my job, as it turns out. Eventually people show their colors, and I'm not feeling too overjoyed with the outcome. Micro management and yelling and criticism have shaken my confidence.

I KNOW my skills, but this particular employer who does NOT know my skills thinks I'm a puppet who needs to have her strings pulled just about every second of the day. Me, the self-starter, autonomous business exec being lectured on how to organize my work? Well, that's only the tip of the iceberg. It's getting brutal. How do you say enough? I'm beginning to make mistakes that I normally wouldn't, just out of upset.

His management style is his own business. I can't criticize it. So shut up or leave, Kid.

Can't handle the conflict. Lost my peace of mind. Just an unfortunate mismatch, his control issues hidden under a lot of good Christian sheep's clothing. He's not happy either, but hates to fire people. So, we know what that means...Not a bad man...just not the right boss for me.

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