Monday, June 2, 2014

Out with the Old, In with the Older!

Well, FINALLY got my car sold and another car purchased. Let me just say that selling cars on Craigslist is something you probably don't want to do. (though I'm sure a zillion people do it successfully, those people would not happen to be ME.) I had at least three scammers show up almost instantly, and one girl who sounded reasonably on the up and up (though she could barely spell) and she backed off the minute I said she'd have to come up with cash in hand.

I also would NOT recommend using CarMax. They offered the lowest bid of all on my Honda Fit. I ended up going to my local Honda dealer who appreciated the great TLC that little car received and gave me a fair offer which I grabbed. I have to wait for their check to come from headquarters, alas no instant gratification.

Thursday finalizes my deal and Friday I hope to get my "new" old 2005 minivan, a Dodge Grand Caravan. Don't even ask. The mechanic who went to look at it said it was a good buy and in great shape...and he called me an old hippie when I told him I plan to spend the next hurricane evacuation in the back of my van with my dogs and cat. With the five seats flattened in back, it will hold a 4 x 8 ft. bed. I kid you not. I just happen to have TWO thick foam mattress pads rolled up in my shed.

The purpose of all this? Same old tune. Money, money, money. Still fighting the good fight. And making a bit of headway. But not out of the woods yet.

Still, this helps! Pro Bono Bankruptcy Dude still hasn't come calling. But since one pissy plumbing company has threatened to sue me, even though I'm making regular $15 payments (some people just never know when they're lucky), I may just help that process along myself and file my own law suit.

Yes, yes, I hated to give up my little car...but I hated to give up my house too. These are the penances extracted by life for being a loose fish.

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