Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July 2014

We're well into the hot days of summer. This morning the temp outside was 81 degrees!

The two 15000 BTU air conditioners I bought from WalMart got lost on a FedEx truck (I figure someone sold them alongside the road) and so my air conditioning problem is STILL not resolved. My handyman, Mike Smith, thinks that it's a shame to waste a perfectly good, running, central A/C unit, just because the delivery system beneath the house is shot, so he's going to crawl under there and have a look. Maybe some kind of alternative duct system could be put in place instead of rebuilding the original system. My Google searches, however, do not support that idea. It looks like a new replacement duct system plus insulation needs doing. And will be costly. But I'm willing to see what he says.

Since I gave notice at my job, things are very peaceful and pleasant. I don't think my employer really wants me to go, so perhpas he'll stop yelling at me now and let me do my job. We shall see. At any rate, it's very nice to have this break from the confrontational norm. I've been getting a lot of catchup work done and his company's all the better for it. My peace of mind is worth the price of any job.

I am not a fan of weekends and holidays as the stock market closes. My trading is coming along better than expected. I have goals set and so far, I'm exceeding them. It takes money to make money, of course, but it also takes time if you don't have much money~! I've increased my fund by 18% in one week, so I figure I'm doing okay.

Dogs and I went to Riverside Park this morning. People were gathering for a 5K run, hundreds of locals in their running clothes in this HEAT. I would rather put pins in my eyes. Dogs and I sauntered around the park at a nice slow pace and were happy to get back in the air conditioned van~! Too bad Sugar & Spice are not allowed in our park pool, like these lucky pups! My kitty, Henry, seems to love the heat and sleeps on the sweltering lanai all day.

Two new editing jobs this week, so that will keep me busy this weekend. Summertime and the living is easy. At last.


  1. Very very powerful. Wish I could express myself like that.. I really do enjoy reading your words.

    1. thanks. (?? perhaps this was intended for the poem??)