Friday, July 11, 2014


Well, I gave notice at the job, had another big blow out with my boss, but agreed to stay and train a replacement. Then I changed my hours (to afternoon) at the time he's usually out of the office, so less confrontational time for me! He's a micro manager, with a bad temper and an acute sense of righteousness, so a very bad fit for me.

However, the new hours are working! He's almost never there, and when he is, he's friendly and jovial. He needs the help and has taken the time to train me in his business already, so it's not a win for him to lose me. (I just happen to be very good at what I do, but won't be treated badly by an employer, no matter his ego.) Besides I think his wife sees me as a godsend, and I've taken a lot of the work and pressure off her, so she is likely in his ear to keep me.

No raise yet. But hey! We've been fighting like hyenas over a bit of autonomy, so give it some time.


Meanwhile I'm enjoying getting back into the accounting game. I was always good at it, and there's much satisfaction in taking on a mess and making it work. I'm not 100% complete in the transformation of those books and procedures, but I'm getting there. It's purring, and my employer knows it.

The extra salary has made me able to just begin to dig out of some of the most pressing debt/problems/etc. And the boys (dogs and cat) and I are eating better!

And the best news of all is that my handyman has made two trips beneath my house to check out duct work, and yesterday found a 2nd big hole where air was escaping. I think this might be the final fix to a major, major problem in summertime Florida!

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