Monday, July 14, 2014

Hooray & Hallaluijia!

I have an amply air conditioned house! The under-the-house-duct-repairs worked!!!!!! It gets so cold in here, I have to turn it up! And even the back bedroom which is always hell fire and 10 degrees warmer than anywhere else is sitting at a cool 77 degrees without coaxing. I'm thrilled! And my neato handyman did it all and did it reasonably! NOT the thousands predicted by the last under-the-house specialist.

Soooo, (still working on the budget from selling my car in order to have cold air and a trading fund) the next step was to call a professional outfit to see what the heck can be done with the wonderful big lanai that is enclosed in plastic windows and registers about 98 degrees day or night. Super nice engineer came out from Conditioned Air, and said they could make it heaven out there for $3500. and a mini-split system. (hahahahhhahhhahhhaaahhhhh)

But doubting that I could/would do that, he suggested a portable air conditioner purchased from Lowes or Home Depot. Which is exactly what my nifty handyman had suggested and this was only more confirmation. So I've ordered one to be sent to the house. (Let's see if it gets lost en route again?). And Mike said he can install it very easily. THEN I can have my art studio and my dining room again!

But much better news entirely is that two of my beloved friends have come through surgeries with flying colors, and the more serious one was told today that chemo will not be necessary. That tops air conditioning any day!!!!!!!!!!! I was so worried on both counts, and feel like the world is right again.

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