Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reality's A Real Pain

Wow, I sure got a good dose of reality last Friday, the day AFTER my birthday. (Thursday was bad enough!)

Sitting in my office, listening to my boss talk about a major business problem (the possible loss of a customer due to the infantile behavior of one of our drivers), when he suddenly doubled over in pain, clutching his chest! I was momentarily stunned, but then I dialed 911. It took five full minutes of answering questions to this dispatch woman before the ambulance and fire truck were on their way. (why, I now wonder, do they send firetrucks?) (and WHY does it take so long to get the help sent on its way??) SIX men showed up, hooked my boss up to a bunch of gear, and by then he was breathing comfortably again, but very shaken. They stayed and asked a whole lot of questions, and then put him on a stretcher and off to the hospital where he resided for the night and most of the next day getting tests.

Turned out not to be a heart attack, but they aren't sure yet about the cause, so more tests this week. Maybe ulcer or angina related. But nothing definite. The man works out in a gym every day but eats junk food galore, so it's hard to guess. He's 62 years old.

I was shook up, I'll admit it. It's very difficult to be forced to face our mortality with such vivid reminders. It makes you want to turn over a new leaf, wake up and smell the roses, kick the bad habits, and get out there in the world of cliches and LIVE. It also makes the petty nuisance of everyday resentments pale.


They wanted to charge me $4500 to seal my roof, in my effort to cool down that big lanai I have which is useless in the summer because it's hot as hades out there. A guy from work, and his buddy, did the cool sealant for $200 plus $234 in materials. They did it really fast and will come back and put on a second coat in a couple of weeks. Paying one tenth the price for the job is a joy. My roof won't be leaking any time soon...

But the lanai was 91 degrees yesterday. It used to be 96 degrees. Woe is me.


Got a massage finally for this back of mine. (I took my kneeling chair to work, leaving me a secretarial at home for the computer desk. That regular chair KILLS my back, so got another kneeling chair, but meanwhile the back went out again.) WHAT A RELIEF. My masseuse, Mark Greene, is just the best. Back Pain is no joke, as so many of you know. For me, the massage is the quickest and best cure. Wish I could afford to have bodywork done weekly, truth be told. Another reason to want to be out of the poverty demographic. Today is a new day. Namaste!

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