Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Time Capsule (poem)

Her flesh melted long before she died.
She clattered on dry bones
until one day they found her
collapsed, tepee-d like firewood.
She was buried in a capsule
along with a vial of her regrets.
They added snapdragons, and
a pansy face from her grandmother's
garden; a blue satin prom dress,
menstrual ruin on the rear,
dead orchid pinned to the front.
Thrown in was a silver wedding band
set with three lapis stones and another,
plain gold. Tiny ivory elephants,
trunks locked to tails, sat beside
a Purple Heart wrapped
in her mother's woolen socks.
Over this they tossed handfuls
of raucous laughter, a cup
of insecurity and her hot blood
long ago dried to pink confetti.
A jazz ballad and a trumpet solo eked
from under the jittering cover
so it couldn't be nailed shut.


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