Saturday, August 23, 2014

Book Club/Writing Group

Okay, without trading, my life is getting pretty peculiar. More and more I resemble a hermit who manages to work four days a week. (in an empty office, btw, so I seldom see any people who are not delivery men or employees picking up pay checks).

I went to Meet Up. com and looked for clubs to join.(yes, I did!).

I had already tried a book club in Ft. Myers awhile back. It was a great group of women readers, who cooked dinners (for 20 people!) at their homes once a month. It was a long drive for me at night, but the killer was that nobody would drive to MY house when it was my turn, and dinner for 20 (that I could ill afford to prepare) turned out to be dinner for five. And they were unhappy because my house was hard to find. I was pissed. And quit.

But try again. The writers group I now joined was so full of their own self importance and terrified of being joined by a beginning writer or an obnoxious personality, that they couldn't even welcome me. Instead I got threats and told that it wasn't necessary to read my work OR even comment on anyone else's. What was necessary was that I read a book (written by an exhausted agent telling writers what not to submit) that started out teaching the evils of an excess of adjectives and adverbs. (writing 101.) I quickly removed my membership to that group.

The next group I chose was a political group, since I'm fairly isolated in Florida, a red state. Red Republicans, Red Necks, and Red in the financial matters of health and schooling. I tend to be VERY blue. I went to one meeting, where only one sole woman was waiting. We introduced ourselves. She was a regular, she said. "Have you done phone banks before?" My eyes widened. "Phone banks?" "oh, didn't you get the email?" No. I didn't. And I said goodbye and left.

Talk about depressed. I hate people, apparently.

Then, I thought, why not have what I really want? So I opened my own Meet Up.

North Naples/Bonita Writer's Group and Book Club

Now let's see if I can be welcoming to a lot of writers/readers who might want to join?


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