Saturday, August 2, 2014

Flea Circus

How on earth do they train fleas for these flea circuses? Are they real or just an urban legend?

I can't FIND any fleas, but both dogs and kitty are scratching like crazy, and now I'm getting bitten too! In my case, I'm a mosquito magnet on our long morning walks by the coastal waterway, so I'm not sure if it's the same wretched reason.

But if I could find the little buggers, corral them, train them and make some money, I'd be sure to give them a pint of alligator blood every day if they'd leave us alone.(It IS blood they live off, I understand. Bloodsuckers, like mosquitoes. Arghhhh!)

Today is clean, clean, clean, spray, powder (some toxic crap that kills everything), vacuum, spray and clean some more. What a revolting development!!

Both dogs are on expensive flea meds (which also handle ticks, heart worm and any ricin sent to me in the mail). So it's a mystery? Perhaps it's allergies? I could haul us all off to the vet, but that would cost as much as getting Fleabusters in. DIY, kid, keep cleaning!


A few editing jobs flowing my way, and that's great news! Couldn't be more pleased.


My boss is leaving for a week's vacation after his horrible ordeal. (He's been doing tests all week and still no final diagnosis, but it's clear that it's stress related and he's taking it very seriously. Big changes underway, and he and I are getting along great now. I think it's clear that I'm on his side and that employees are not the adverserial wild horses that need broken, that he might have thought. I even got a wee bonus from him for my help through this unfortunate health crisis. Baby needs new shoes! Hooray!


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