Friday, August 29, 2014

High Flying Chicks -1953

When I was 15, I lived in Morocco, North Africa. My stepfather was a supply officer, so we were usually sent to these undeveloped bases in the middle of nowhere for him to pull together. This one was in Sidi Slimane, an oil spot about 30 miles inland from Port Lyautey in what was then French Morocco.

The Commanding Officer's wife used to be an entertainer, so she decided to put on a show for the troops, pulling together all the talent from the soldiers, the wives and families that happened to be there. There were amateur dancers, singers, comics, and magicians all over the base, and so she devised a nightclub scene onstage, and the "acts" came on, one at a time, to entertain the audience. She wanted ME (the only available teen girl around) to play the barmaid, just background ambiance to make the stage more club like.

This is a photo taken to promote "The High Flying Chicks" -- it was posted on bulletin boards all over the base to entice the troops to attend the show. They did, and it was a packed house. Pretty risque stuff for 1953!

And this was a photo of the entire cast, at our dress rehearsal. The stage scenery wasn't quite painted yet.

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