Saturday, August 16, 2014

Memory Aids

August has been mostly about getting rid of fleas. I have a new monster vacuum that picks up everything but men, and I have salted, boraxed, baking soda-ed, and sprayed/vacuumed the furniture and carpets until they are begging for mercy...but still the dogs scratch. And Henry (the cat) too, but not as much. Right now they are sporting the ugliest flea collars known to man, and probably toxic as hell, but has it helped? Not a whit.

So I bit the bullet and made an appointment with the vet for today. Spice is overdue for his shots anyway, (Sugar got his on an earlier visit) and it's going to be a minimum of $240 for this little visit. I think that's so outrageous. But no moreso than the medical bills for people. I'm a Socialist at heart, I guess. Shouldn't the rich pay for the poor? Sounds right to me. Ahem. I got hit for $600 for a copay on that last eye surgery, months after the surgery and I really think those kind of surprises are cruel. But I digress...

The vet's assistant instructed me to bring in a fecal sample. Well, ugh. Well, okay. (knowing what the extra charge would be if I made THEM do it). So on our walk this morning, I brought a tiny plastic cup (the kind for measuring cough syrup) and some tin foil. I managed to make a neat little package, all wrapped up, without gagging, and when we got home (at 7:00 am) I wondered what I should do with it? My appointment isn't until 10:30 am! Obviously, it's not the kind of thing you want sitting around in Florida heat and humidity!

I sealed the tin foil package into a baggy, to make sure there's no odor, and decided to put it in the refrigerator, bottom shelf where only canned goods sit. Ugh, but there you have it. (Alright! Make a face! What would YOU do?)

But then! OMG, knowing my memory, for sure I would forget to bring it to the vet's office. How on earth would I remember to take it?

Well, one way for sure....I just put the car keys in the fridge too!

Just you wait! Bette was right when she said "Old age ain't no place for sissies." (She also said “Everybody has a heart. Except some people.” ― Bette Davis)

So have a heart. And a good day.


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