Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Rape of Europa (documentary)

Last night, after HOURS of salting carpets and couches then vacuuming endlessly, picking up any semblance of FLEA, I collapsed to watch Netflix. (still no TV, but the Roku is a life saver). I found an old documentary called "The Rape of Europa" about the Nazis enormous art thefts during the war.

Hitler, who had not made it as a painter when he was young, nevertheless had an abiding obsession for art (but nothing modern or progressive!) and systematically STOLE from the rich Jews of Europe, from museums, from every country he conquered. Billions of dollars worth of masterpieces, statuary, antiques, furniture, and gold. Rooms full of religious relics (Jewish) with precious metals and stones.

I had heard of this heist, of course, but I had no idea the SCALE or the preplanning that had gone into it. Hitler chose his cities (for attack) based on which art he wanted next! Because the Jews of Europe were so cultured and often were the gallery or private owners of the great art works, one has to wonder if his evil mind didn't concoct his master plan of annhilation of Jews just for the purpose of plundering their worldly goods. I could feel my blood roil watching this thing. It was very well done, and one only had to add their own emotion and mix.


Meanwhile, the flea battle goes on. I've given the animals their flea meds a week early. Yesterday I put pillows and clothes and anything remotely flea-able into the dryer for 10 minute cycles (which supposedly kills them). I put down salt and baking soda, worked it into the carpets, and slept with sheets of fabric softener all over the bed! (god bless the internet for information of what fleas hate.) And I vacuumed, and then vacuumed some more. Must repeat the cycle again today.

One of my acquaintances said "this is why I am not a pet person."

Read my lips.


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