Friday, September 19, 2014

Old Photos Redux

Still truckin' through the old pictures file...and happened on this one of my first wedding (there have been two). July 1, 1963 Just amusing myself and a few of my regular readers, in my dotage.

Left to right: Elsie Hammond (mother-in-law), Diana Panero (maid of honor), moi, Tom Hammond (groom, actor, poet), Ken Reisdorff (best man, owner of the Broom Street bar), Dr. Hammond (detroit physician and father-in-law), and the Reverend Van de Workean of the Community Church of NY, (Unitarian) on East 35th St.

Our reception was in the backroom of the Corner Bistro in the West Village, owned by the maid of honor's husband to be. Sawdust on the floor and all. Ahhh, the bygone Saloon Society of my youth....(I don't think the good doctor and his wife were all that amused.)

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