Thursday, October 2, 2014

33% More House!

I've waited a couple of days, wondering if something horrible might go wrong, but it appears that my lanai is finally:

Air Conditioned !!

600 sq. ft. became 800 sq. ft. by connecting a duct from the main A/C to the lanai.

This means that I now have a dining room that is usable; an art studio that is usable; and the door and windows to the lanai can be thrown open and kept open as the lanai is now really and truly part of the house proper. Space!

Dining Room

art Studio

And What Could Be More Deer?

And to further enhance my joy, I got a gift from a friend who lives in the woods of Oregon. She grows her food and hunts her meat. On a visit here, to see her parents, she came to dinner. When she saw the cow skulls I had in my art studio (pre air conditioning) I told her I loved those old bones (a la O'Keefe) and she sent me three mule deer skulls which she found in forests. She thinks they were winter-killed or possibly coyotes got 'em (she didn't shoot them). They are beautiful. A larger 4 prong stag and two smaller 2 prong stags.

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