Monday, October 13, 2014

Open House!

Not the open house of holiday fame...not the drop in and have a canape and mill about with eggnog in your hand.

No, this is the newly air conditioned lanai (see earlier posts) being opened up into the house proper. That was accomplished by keeping the door to the lanai open, AND removing the two windows in the living room that used to look out on the lanai. (Acually curtained and looked out at nothing). The lanai is now my dining area at the front and my art studio at the rear.

I now have 200 sq. feet added to my 600 sq. ft. home, and I wanted to open it up and make the narrow little living room feel open and larger.

Original living room with windows and door to lanai on the right, when I moved in:

Living room today with windows removed; valance over opened up space overlooking the art studio. It's a little hard to capture in a photos, but it's open space, like a pass through. The vase of flowers is in the dining area:

And if you were sitting at my art table, you would be looking into my living room (that's Spice sitting on the couch inside):

The dogs are still confused by the whole arrangement and prefer to stick to the sofa for now:

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