Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ode to the Mid Term Elections, Nov. 2014

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I love America! It's the only way to go!
Barbie trades in
Cultured Ken
for combat's G.I. Joe.

I love America! Praise be for the N.R.A!
My militia
Wants to kiss ya'
Lift those Arms to pray!

I love America! High school's such a hoot
If they tease ya'
and don't please ya'
load your gun and shoot!

I love America! Unibombing bliss!
Mailmen tarry
when they carry
packages that hiss.

I love America! Bring the masses on!
If they huddle
in a muddle
Ship them back at dawn.

I love America! Politicians tower!
England's reign
was just the same
As rich men's total power.

I love America. America loves me.
My vote's ignored,
my last reward--
anti-social security.

I do love America. Someday we'll marry her.
But she'll be old
and very cold
to hearts that once were pure.

1 comment:

  1. Youch. And yet I still show up at the polls. And think most people would rather do the right thing. The system doesn't work, however. Too much is broken. But what would we turn to?