Monday, December 15, 2014

CAPA Art Sculpture Benefit

December 12, 2014

My good friends, The Richardsons, invited me as their guest to the wonderful art sculpture show for CAPA, again this year. Dwight, a member of the CAPA board, has worked tirelessly for years on this project.

CAPA’s Mission is to provide a state-of-the-art cultural and performing arts center that showcases local visual and performing artists, thereby offering affordable and accessible educational, cultural and performance opportunities for the community.

Bev Jackson, Dwight Richardson and wife, Angela Strathatos

Besides the wonderful sculpture, there was classical music wafting from the corner where the Kapella Quartet held forth. The caterers served up some of the best baby lamb chops I've ever tasted, and I discovered that Naples has an Art Walk! A lovely evening had by all, as evidenced in the photos of the newsletter below.

Here's a PDF of the event's newsletter (scroll, or use arrors to page through). CAPA Action Report c16.pdf

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