Friday, December 26, 2014

What I Did on My Christmas Vacation

As most of you know, this time of the year is a horror for me. Without children or family or available friends, Christmas can really suck, so I try to busy myself with things that need or want doing. It's been lovely to have time off, and so I got busy.

I live in a 1977 singlewide mobile home. It has seen better days. Even in its better days, it likely wasn't all that. However it serves my needs, and I just put pennies away to do the small things that make it more palatable. The bathroom is teeny with an avocado colored tub, and a vanity covered in what-once-was-white formica. A horror of rust rings and stains that refused bleach of any kind, nor rust removal gunk as well. After jumping around the web for several sessions, I decided the least expensive way to go was contact paper! Painting would streak, replacing would cost a fortune, and adhesive papers seemed to work for others in both kitchen and bath, so I'm giving it a go.

In addition, I don't like drapes much. And in the bathroom? Yech. So I bought some window film to just cover the sucker, keep it private and add a little color to a pretty glum little room. Now I'm much happier. I forgot to take "Before" pictures, but trust me, it was odious. Here's the "After": It's not Better Homes and Gardens, but better!

It was tricky cutting paper to fit around that sink, so I made a pattern out of heavy watercolor paper first. I had plenty of contact paper left over, so I covered the front of a three-drawer plastic chest sitting under the vanity. That sure made a difference too in the goddawful factor.