Friday, January 30, 2015

Listen (poem)

for love. Especially when there’s none.
Nobody to make sweet tea,
balance biscuits on your plate.
No-one to hold you when you fall
and so you do,
rising with bruised, bloody face, missing teeth
No, No, No in your mouth.

So listen.
Hear your chest drumming,
that red toy soldier doing turn-abouts
in cadence with its fear.
Then hear the dogs panting,
their gaudy eyes wet with hope,
hanging tongues of hot, pink ham.

See that hummingbird
on the wild star jasmine?
A whispered oratorio,
swelling in your ears.

We’re so afraid to die. There’s nothing there to love.
Gods can’t see in the dark. Hear a void.
Silence is an empty wasp’s nest
lovelessness, death
the last bzzzzz before.

Sit by a buttercup. Tear open basil leaves.
Lie on the lawn when it’s wet.
Take a plum whole in your mouth.

Exhale. And listen.


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