Saturday, January 31, 2015

Resolutions and The Skinny Kitchen

Hey! I have passed the halfway mark on my resolution to lose 20 lbs. I've lost 11 lbs. so far, and I must say the 5:2 diet should take credit for it. Those two days of semi-fasting make the other 1200 calorie days feel like feasts, so the whole thing just gets easier and easier, psychologically speaking.

I'm eating a LOT more vegetables (above, veggie quesadillas) and learning how to manage portions in an all new way. Instead of just eating less of what I like, I'm cooking from scratch recipes that are INTENDED to be low calorie but delicious. Sounds impossible, right?

But no, I have discovered a website where almost every recipe is to my taste. A brilliant (and skinny) Californian named Nancy Fox has put together The Skinny Kitchen and she's discovered some secrets about low cal food.
It seems to me that MOST of her recipes are spicy. Not all hot spicy, but tasty with spices and sauces (like BBQ, steak sauce, OJ concentrate) instead of butter and eggs. Somehow it seems that spicy food doesn't leave you feeling hungry, even with small portions.

But what I really like about her recipes is that they are usually quick and easy to make, don't require tremendous culinary skills, and don't cost a lot. I've made her "Breakfast Quiche", "Lemon Glazed Chicken, Sweet & Sassy", "Outhouse Steakhouse Alice Springs Chicken made Skinny," "Taco Chili" and I'm about to make her Orange Chicken. I haven't had a disappointment yet!

The memoir is humming along, as is the Writer's Group, so 2015 is off to good start and Resolutions Not Forgotten!

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