Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Update on New Year's Resolutions

My resolutions are:

  • Lose 20 lbs. and get healthy
  • finish the memoir (again) (it's being rewritten in past tense.)
  • bring my bowling average (118) up to 150
  • keep my writer's group intact and productive
  • get some new paintings done, now that I have a studio again!

  • Okay, still doing the 5:2 diet, and learning all kinds of little lo cal recipes and foods I normally wouldn't be trying. It's actually NOT been difficult and since January 1st, I have lost 8 pounds! So am going to keep going on this diet. (those two semi-fast days make the 1200 calorie days feel like a pig out! It is great psychology and works for me. I don't SEE tremendous weight loss on my body (yet) but I have quite a bit of extra to get rid of before the actual body shape changes. Still, I'll celebrate my 8 lb. loss with a Sparkling Ice Zero Calories Strawberry Kiwi drink!

    The memoir and the writer's group are both growing and becoming really important to me. That group may be the catalyst for finishing this baby properly. They are a great group! And the memoir is shaping up into a much better read.

    Monday I bowled 128, 155 and 118. My resolutions are going for a 150 average, so at least I'm picking up the numbers a bit, in chase of that average. I went from an average of 118 to 126 with that big 199 score a week or so ago.

    Alas, between editing jobs, judging the Raligh Fine Arts high school short story contest, my job et al, I haven't lifted a paintbrush. That is still on the back burner. Time to get off the couch, Potato!

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