Monday, February 23, 2015

Have You Noticed? (poem)

A choir of pink-faced boys,
Lace collars,
O-shaped mouths,
showing tiny teeth,
Eyes lifted, O Lord!
Their scorpion tails
Waving hypnotics
beneath their robes.

The tears of Dr. Frankinstein
(killed by his own creation)
slide down the vials
of DNA, while Dolly
bleats for her mother.
See the lit torches amassed
at the windows of the labs
and clinics. Pro-lifers
at a prey-or meeting.

Beware the wife
with a lodger in her head!
(that original thought, dissenting view,
an opinion not shared by the rest of you?)
Call her a whore or a minister,
but silence her thought
with a sing-along.
And let the bedbugs bite.

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