Monday, March 2, 2015

Dog Days

See this adorable little terrier?
Well, I got the photo off the internet, but it is a close enough representation for you to get the idea....his name is Moo Chew (Mu Chiu?) and belongs to a neighbor over one street.

My gay dog Sugar is in love with Moo Chew. Every time they see each other, they leap and try to have sex (both males) while Sugar whines and Moo Chew sort of barks his excitement. I have to drag Sugar away, so he doesn't get raped and/or tangled in Moo Chew's long tether to his porch. These two dogs have been over the moon about each other for a year now, and I thought it was love made in dog heaven.


Sugar slipped his collar today while playing/frolicing/trying to f**k Moo Chew, and the minute he did, BOTH dogs became FIERCE and were growling and really fighting for domination and control. I saw fangs out, and Mama ploughed right in to separate them. One of them was going to get badly hurt.


One of the little SOB's bit me, this is top of arm/bottom of arm punctures. I don't think they're bad, and it actually doesn't hurt much, but it sure scared the hell out of me. Guess What? Sugar lost a friend.

Not returning to that house again....and let's hope it was my own dog that bit me (though I think all the biting was on Moo Chew's part).

And the moral of this judge a dog on his cuteness!

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