Thursday, March 19, 2015

Last Day at the Job

Yikes, today I go in to train my replacement, and then there's one more job behind me. Finis!

Am I apprehensive about the next step? Of course I am, but very relieved to be moving on. I have an interview next week with an employment agency who thinks they can find part time work for me without any problem. So, we shall see. Apparently there are "temp jobs" out there that are virtually "permanent" jobs where the employer just doesn't want the expense of payroll taxes and benefits that go with hiring permanent staff. ?? We shall see.

Meanwhile hard at work on the Agent Search. Need to find a reputable agent who handles memoir, who might handle MY memoir, and I need to find other memoirs that are in some way similar to my own and find the agent who repped that book! NOT an easy job. But I'm on it. I'm rereading Mary Karr's "Liar's Club" (such an excellent memoir) just to dip my toe into those waters. Karr's voice is unique and wonderful--I fear my book is not that lively. But it's inspiring anyway!

I have company coming to visit from out of town this weekend, so time to do a heavy duty housecleaning. Life never gets dull. Since she is moving out of state, and I likely won't see her for a long time, I'm feeling a bit sad as well. Another close friend will be going back north soon and I'm going to miss her company as well. It's been great to have a sympatico buddy living here, someone to run around with, laugh with. Good friends are hard to find. I have good friends here but they're too busy to be sociable! Not that I'm an icon of sociability, cause I'm not!

Cool cats hang out together!

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