Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Progress Report

Okay, two months of 2015 under my belt, and results are beginning to be seen.

1. I've lost 15 of the 20 lbs. resolution. I am getting into pants I'd given up as hopelessly too tight. I've made a new goal, now. Another 10 lbs. (including the five I have yet to lose from resolutions). Then I have to figure out what I'll eat on Maintenance?!

2. I now have a 230 page Volume One, of the memoir. I finally found a place to "break" the many chapters, so that the first book could be completed. This means I can edit it and start sending out query letters to agents again. Past tense is working ever so better than the present tense did.

3. My little editing business is perking along. I think I picked up a client yesterday for doing press releases and blogs. It's a bit more commercial and out of the literary realm, but I think I can fill some needs they have for promotion.

4. I'm still looking for a new "other" (office) job. Pickings are slim.

5. I'm a blonde again. They definitely have more fun.

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