Friday, April 10, 2015

A Very Good Year....

This past New Year's Eve, I made a lot of resolutions, and decided that 2015 was going to be a very good year. I think I'm right on target!

From my 12/31/14 blog post:
My resolutions are:

  • Lose 20 lbs. and get healthy
  • finish the memoir (again) (it's being rewritten in past tense.)
  • bring my bowling average (118) up to 150
  • keep my writer's group intact and productive
  • get some new paintings done, now that I have a studio again!

  • That's it. That'll keep me busy.

    So! This is April: (nine more months left in this year!)

  • I have lost 19 lbs. and am eating healthier than I ever have! Walking three times a day with the pooches and longer!

  • Finished Volume 1 (of a 2-volume memoir) and it's in past tense, polished and edited. I have a new query letter prepared ready to go out

  • My bowling average (league) was up to 128 when season ended. The non-league bowling is now on for summer. Last week I bowled 141, 160 and 120.

  • My Writer's Group has faced two challenges with personality conflicts, and we've managed to hang together. All involved are thrilled with our group. Every one of us is getting productive writing done and the books are getting completed!

  • I haven't found time to paint yet, but the studio's ready for me...and there's nine months left!

  • BUT THE MOST EXCITING THING IS: I have a wonderful new job. It will encompass more than bookkeeping, using some of my writing skills and blogging skills. And it pays 5% more than the last job. It is right around the corner from where I live and it is with incredible people who share my values and my goals in the workplace. These are the same nice people who offered my writer's group space for meetings, free! Yes! No accidents in the universe.

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