Friday, April 17, 2015

Questions and Queries

Today is my first day of training at Euro Pianos and I want to be sure to get all my questions answered. I'm very excited about this job, and will be happy when the move to new quarters is finally settled and I know where I'll be working permanently.

Meanwhile, busy busy busy sending out queries on the memoir which is now called "Loose Fish." I have been advised by the more knowledgable (including Chuck Sambuchino, Bob Erickson and others) that dropping "Chronicles" off the book cover makes a lot of sense. Just visualize how crowded it would be otherwise?

I'm using Query Tracker (the software isolates the agents that handle memoir) and then going down the list, one by one, and visiting their websites, reading their bios, their authors lists, et al. and determining which agents "click" with me. I've sent out six queries so far, two with sample pages numbering 50. I think if one sends sample pages, 50 pages is a smart request. Any less than that does not give a full flavor of MY work, so I am ignoring those who request less.(for example 5 pgs)

This evening one of our Writers Group is having a cocktail party for the writers, so it looks to be a busy day.

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