Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Fool and Foolish Things

I decided to contemplate my own foolishness today.

I think introspection is important. The unexamined life and all that... I just feel that too many people have no interest in their foibles at all. Better to hide them than face them.

So let it be heard that I know I'm a fool. You don't have to tell me. You don't have to teach me. I am clear. Extremely clear on the subject.

That is not to say there's a whole lot I can do to correct it at this late date, but at least I can acknowledge it. I mean, they've dedicated a whole day of the calendar year to April's Fool. Somebody needs to pick up the Joker's hat and wear it! Not as a costume, but as a hairshirt, if needs be.

I am coming down the mountain now, carrying my baggage. Once I went up the mountain, fearless and determined, but this is descent. And I am humble and humbled by the foolishness of my life. The foolishness of my choices. Of my trust. Of my yearning. And it's okay. I forgive myself.

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