Friday, April 24, 2015


Ah, a crazy limbo. Things are weird as the season turns, the snowbirds clear out and traffic thins. New bugs appear on my morning walks, and my skin seems to be more prone to bites. And of course the heat was 85 yesterday.

But that's the climate, not the weirdness of my mind. I am in limbo waiting for rejection letters from query letters sent out to agents, trying to find representation for Loose Fish, my memoir. I don't think anyone's keen on rejection, but my skin, so vulnerable to bug bites, is also thin enough to feel the stings of rejection more than I used to. It's the game, of course, just like the acting game and any other where the stakes are high, but it's difficult. Form letters are the worst. All the work put into a query only to be deleted with a return form.

On the brighter side, I begin my second day of training on the new job. The company is in the upheaval of moving to new offices, so things are chaotic (in limbo?) for awhile. Euro Pianos Naples is the sole Floridian distributor for Fazioli pianos (made in Italy) and they are the Lexus of pianos. I'm really pleased to be working for this classy outfit. How would you like this in your living room? Call me! Check this out:

On the weight loss front, I'm down my 20 lbs. (my target on 1/1/15 New Years Resolutions) but I want to lose another six lbs now. My eating habits are very changed, but the weirdness of that is that I keep buying food! I can't seem to stop myself from overstocking, almost as if I don't think I'm ever going to get enough to eat again. It is so strange. I have Omaha steaks, salmon, sausage, shrimp and casseroles in the freezer! I have more vegetables that I can ever cook before they spoil. I have new diet products (I found wet asian noodles that are only 45 calories a servings!) and all manner of low cal cookies and crackers. I just buy boxes and boxes of the things. A little weird. There is definitely weirdness in the air.

Cod liver oil and plain yogurt are the winning ingredients for food additives to prevent the dogs from itching. They went through months of obsessive scratching. I tried everything the pet store sold, and some they didn't. Cortisone and sprays and creams, bathing with oatmeal and moisturizing. Nothing helped. But cod liver oil (in small amounts on their kibble) with a tablespoon of yogurt does the trick! Both together work better than just one of either. No idea why. One more weirdness in my life.

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