Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Having a GOOD time!

Things are taking a turn for better and better! I am pinching myself, as I feel the doom and gloom dissipate and some really good things are happening in my life.


First of all, I love my new job at Euro Pianos Naples. We are "between" showrooms at the moment, so working out of my boss's house (which is big enough to store all the office furniture & equipment plus 13 grand pianos, temporarily!) but our new offices should be ready sometime this fall. Under construction. The best news is that I really, really like the people. My boss is a sweetheart, and has a lot of my own quirks so we perfectly understand each other. She also loves dogs, and her daughter's dog, Dixie, just flew in from Canada to live with her. She plans on taking her to the office every day when we move, and invited me to bring Sugar & Spice to the office as well! How fabulous is that? We're pretty sure the dogs will get along fine, and we'll test that soon.


So, not only do I heigh-ho to work with a smile on my face, but I am SO excited about the new book I'm writing, working title: BLUE LAKE. It's a thriller/murder mystery set in Humboldt County, in the Pacific Northwest (where most of the pot is grown these days!). I was never a pot smoker, so I've had to do a ton of research, and OMG, there's a whole drug culture, jargon, sub-society out there that I never knew existed (and I lived in the logging town of Blue Lake for two years!). So I am having such fun, and am in the middle of Chapter Four.

My protagonist is the daughter of an L.A. drug dealer, having a secret affair with his top lieutenant, Pablo, against her father's wishes, and when the father dies of diabetes, Pablo takes over the business, travels to Humboldt to meet the growers and the father's secrets begin to pour out. I've never plotted a mystery before, and I cannot tell you how much fun it is to unravel lives, shove characters into precarious situations, and then have to figure out a way to extricate them. It's better than the NYT Sunday crossword!


I've lost 22 lbs. only three pounds to go!! Wheeeee!

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