Monday, May 11, 2015

Writer at Work!

Okay, life is settling that subtle even keel where angst and anguish are in the past, and there's food on the table, part time paying job to be enjoyed, and a new book to be written!

Yes! I am really excited. Mind you, I am still sending out one or two queries each day to agents for LOOSE FISH. (the memoir) I am determined to sell that baby. But querying agents is a longggggg and arduous chore. Many of them don't reply at all unless they want you. Some take weeks or months to reply. Out of 30 queries, I have received three rejections to date. You can almost celebrate a rejection, since it's at least SOMETHING back. It is very unsatisfying to sit and wait for responses from agents. Even if they like the book, and take you on, then the entire process starts again -- this time with the agent looking for a publisher. So you can grow old with the business end of writing--not very exciting until the book actually SELLS.

However! My excitement comes because of a new project. I have decided to write a fictional thriller. For years, ever since I lived in the Pacific Northwest, I have had an idea in the back of my head. When I lived there in a tiny former logging town called Blue Lake, I heard about a child who had disappeared and never been found. So I have finally wrapped my head around a plot for that, and have started a new novel! It's taken a few sleepless nights to get the courage for this, as I've never written mystery before, but now I'm having a really good time. It morphs every few hours into a new plot, with new characters, and it's fun to explore and just keep going with the flow of it. I have a core idea, so looking to see where it takes me.

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