Sunday, June 28, 2015

Naples FL Zoo - 2015

I've never been a particularly big fan of zoos - but they are evolving along with the mindset of human beings, and are not quite as objectionable as they once were. I found Naples zoo to be quite well planned, compassionate, and NOT all the objectionable things I have against zoos in general.

Had a wonderful time today, in spite of the heat (about 90 degrees). I was particularly smitten with the herd of bachelor giraffes:
My friend, Samantha, fed them romaine lettuce~!

But I loved the ring-tailed lemurs too.

And the zerbras, And the gibbons, And the antelope, and the tortoises, and the kudus, and the tigers, and the lions, and the macaws, and the ibises, and the egrets, and the....well, the alligators, not so much.

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