Thursday, July 2, 2015

Blue Lake - the novel

Just finished with the second Draft of the new novel. Now comes the hard part: line edits, Writers Group scrutiny and the suggestions/critiques of my peers.

This is not serious literature (which I prefer) but a psychological thriller of sorts. I've been playing around with cover ideas. Of course I'm in fantasy world.

First of all, "Blue Lake" is only a working title. Pretty sure it'll be changed when published. The next thing I need to think about is the query letter to be sent out to agents. (I need an agent to sell the book to a publisher....haven't I just done this with Loose Fish?)

Blue Lake is the story of a young woman, Christine Colby, who, upon losing her father, a marijuana drug lord in Los Angeles, finds out she is adopted. This puts her on a journey to discover her birth parents. It takes her into the redwood forests of Humboldt County where pot growers, criminals, murder and kidnapping are entwined in the history of her family, endangering her present and helping to shape her future in the town of Blue Lake, which doesn't have a lake.

Well, that's not it. But I'm humming and having fun. :-)

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