Friday, July 3, 2015

Knee Sleeper Pillow (Review)

I'm not one to review commercial products (but quick to review books) unless I think it can really help someone. Anyone reading this has probably got a back problem, so they will find ME, and not the other way around.

I have had back problems (lumbar disc herniation) since 1999, and after much ado, one of the solutions to my pain was to sleep with a pillow between my knees, which takes the strain off the hips, thus reducing sciatica pain and it also aligns the body. The pillows I have tried are various, including a plain old flat pillow.

This pillow didn't work between my knees, but surprisingly, worked VERY well under my neck instead of a big fluffy pillow. I've been using it instead of a regular pillow for years.

This is the pillow I've been using between my knees. It worked okay until I moved. I "lose" the pillow several times a night as I roll around. The discomfort caused by NOT having a pillow wakes me up, so I find it and put it back where it belongs. It finally occurred to me that I am NOT getting a good night's sleep because I'm always foraging the bed, looking for my missing pillow.

I paid $35 for another little round pillow, bright blue. A total waste of money. It was so "hard" between my knees that it was uncomfortable.

I went back to the internet and found the Knee Sleeper Pillow.

I can't begin to tell you what a difference this has made in my life!

The bad news is that it's pricey ($82) so it took me a long time to decide to buy it. But it's worth every penny.

It "rolls" with my body as I move around. It ALSO gives me padding all the way to the ankle, which the roll pillow did NOT, and that added comfort is more than I can explain. It truly aligns my body, sleeping on my side. Also if I want to roll over on my back or stomach, the knee-sleeper-pillow just follows me, and doesn't get in the way. It sort of stays in place wherever I go, and provides the padding needed when needed.

It's hard to imagine sleeping in one long sock. I thought it might be hot on my leg, since I live in Florida and it's always hot. But I use it on the leg that I normally sleep on, so the leg against the sheet anyway (already hot) and I can't tell the difference.

I'm not a fat person, but before the product arrived, I wondered how it could be designed to fit all sizes of people. The sock is not tight fitting, so I can see that my size (30" the largest) might fit plenty of people with much larger legs. But the fabric somehow clings to my leg and doesn't feel too large at all. Plus your foot sticks out the end, so that sort of holds it in place too.

And have I mentioned that the padding between my ankles has been a HUGE relief. I thought only my knees and hips were in discomfort but when the additional padding of the ankles being separated is added, I TRULY get a great night's sleep. The best in years.

I heartily endorse this product. Ask questions and I'll try to answer them, if you have any.

Oh, this is where I bought mine: Clicky: Beyond Beds.Com and no, I don't work for them or get a commission or nuthin' -- I just am grateful I found mine.

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