Saturday, July 18, 2015

My birthday present to myself ! (a week early) Folly of a Foody

Because I've lost weight and intend to keep it off, I gave myself an intriguing present called a Paderno Spiralizer which is a little plastic gizmo that you can make noodles, ribbons, spaghetti shapes from VEGETABLES as opposed to the high caloric pasta that I love. Dressed up with sauces, these noodles are marvelous. And there are entire cook books and recipes online that will help you with ideas.

This is the video that I found perfect for learning how to use it. The tool costs under $40, btw.

It comes with 3 or 4 blades (I bought the 3 blade model). You can use it to make slaw, raw salads, endless things.

I looked up reviews of Spiralizers, and this Paderno got the top rating in the review I found. It is very basic, very easy to use. I thought it might be complicated as it looks like lots of parts, but it's very simple and easy to clean. Mine is now out on the counter for everyday use.

For my first night of use, I spiraled a whole zucchini, and sauteed the ribbons in a little bit of olive oil and chopped garlic. Then I added a tomato which was cubed in large pieces, some fresh basil and voila. It was wonderful!! Delicious. And took about 10 minutes to make dinner. I could eat like this every day. (I won't but I could.)

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