Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Diet Update

Some friends have inquired how I'm doing since I lost the 25 lbs. (it settled in at a 24 lb. weight loss). The answer is: I'm maintaining! is still my daily companion, and I enter my foods religiously. It only takes a couple of seconds. (once your food choices are in the data base, you can recall them with a click of the mouse). My maintenance is 1350 calories (versus 1200 calories per day on the diet) and I seem to have grown habits that keep me in that range. I haven't gained any weight!

For sure I've changed my eating habits, and I'm thrilled with the Spiralizer gadget that turns vegetables into pasta. (see earlier post). My new favorite is making spiralized broccoli stems. I always hated throwing the stems away, but they didn't appeal to me. Turning them into pasta makes them not only DELICIOUS but seems to much better than discarding good food.

I saute this broccoli pasta in a little olive oil and garlic, add the florets of broccoli, parmesan, some garbanzo or cut up tomato. Endless pairings are wonderful in this dish. It will change the way you look at broccoli forever.

This week I'm on a fish taco feast however. I have baked fillets of tilapia and grouper (hanging out in the freezer for a while) in orange juice, white wine, garlic and red pepper flakes. And I made a big bowl of fresh salsa with cut up peaches, mango, pineapple, jalapeno, red onion, and lime juice. Throw some fish and salsa onto a flour tortilla (medium size) with a little siracha, and you have yum, fish tacos!

I don't feel deprived in the slightest. I am eating healthier and tastier food than I ever have in my life.

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