Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cipollini Onions in the Crock Pot - Folly of a Foody

A couple of weeks ago, at a business luncheon at food-fabulous The Capital Grill, I had a perfect salmon portion sitting on a dish beautifully "decorated" with little round onions that were sweet and delectable.

I had never seen an onion like that before (they were actually smaller than those in this photo) and was told it was cipollini (pronounced chip-oh-lean-ee). I found them at Whole Foods a few days later and decided I had to learn how to cook them.

Most of the recipes called for braising them in various concoctions of wine and butter and brown sugar and vinegar, and eating them immediately. But I wanted to see if I could make them ahead for Thanksgiving, freeze them, and see if it works! I decided to try the crock pot!

So, they are on Low setting with red wine (a merlot that was a shade too sweet to drink/read cheap), a little brown sugar, 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar, and some olive oil. I plan on letting them do a slow cook until the liquids reduce to a glaze. If they taste right, I plan to cool them and freeze them. I'll be back later to report on the outcome. Watch this space!

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