Thursday, November 19, 2015


Do yourself a Favor and See this Documentary - "Silenced" (clicky) I found it on Netflix.

I gave up on politics after Obama disappointed me time after time. I really thought he was the one man who would not succumb to the political machine. But I was naive. I maintain that he's been better than most, but after this film, I am appalled.

Like many Americans, I had never taken the time to think about what is going on with Post 9/11 national security. Homeland Security with its multi colored warnings was made into a big joke, and the general tone of the country was frenzied fear of the Arab world, and remains so today. Not to say there aren't some good reasons for fearing the jihadists who seem bent on everyone's destruction including their own.

But in the craze of keeping the nation safe, the TRUTH is now being suppressed under the false pretense of CLASSIFIED SECRETS, and American whistle-blowers in our government are being SILENCED, and our democracy is under attack by own own government, folks.
When I watched this documentary, I was not surprised to find out the Bush Administration was deliberately breaking the law and taking away the private rights of American citizens, but I was surprised that they were even more corrupt than Nixon in their covert smear antics, and paranoia. Especially Cheney who was apparently cut-throat. But THEN I learned that on Obama's watch, more espionage charges were made than ever before -- NOT on terrorists, but on whistle-blowers, American citizens trying to call out illegalities in our government. (Clicky)

It's true that it's not a black and white thing in all cases, but watch this film and see if you can ever wrap your head around a democracy that silences its watchdogs?I didn't want to believe any of this was possible in America, much less under a White House that boasted liberalism. Something is terribly, terribly wrong in Washington.

I am silenced by the terror in my bones for our magnificent country which is inching its way to totalitarianism. Or worse.

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