Friday, December 6, 2013

The Lucky Pauper Lucks Out Again

Just when I think my life is about to end (or worse, not end and be lived out in utter misery and despair), something miraculous happens.

I just bought a house and am moving out of an impossible financial situation. It is a wee little old house, but it has been treated with loving care for many decades, and is pristine in its clean sweetness. It is a mobile home in a small park, but I shall be living within the parameters of what I require to be happy:

1. Autonomy. Nobody living over my head, telling me I can't paint a wall, fining me for hanging a picture. Solitude, peace, autonomy. Heaven. Be it ever so humble.

2. My THREE animals (2 dogs and a very old cat) have a home, without restrictions on the Quantity, Size or Breed. It's my house, and I can raise alligators in the bathtub if they don't bother anyone. (well, maybe not, but you get the idea.)

3. My utilities will be reduced drastically because of a new budget: much less space to be airconditioned, no dishwasher, no television. Instead I shall Roku stream whatever I need (news/movies/TV shows) from my computer at a much reduced cost.

4. I won't have yard maintenance because the yard is tiny and there's virtually nothing to maintain. The park mows the little plot of grass.

5. I am seeking a part time job to supplement this lifestyle, in an effort to try to "refinance" my trading fund someday. (It's been depleted in order to move out of my current situation which has become wayyyy too expensive.) A gut wrenching loss, my ability to earn money trading. (It takes money to make money, so I shall find a way to replenish the fund and continue to trade. The market might oblige me and become volatile again sometime in the future.) The gloves are off, the challenge is on. I have something to prove to some folks. And to myself.

6. I am peddling the memoir and keeping a good thought. It was rejected by a top N.Y. agent, but now another top N.Y. agent has requested a full manuscript. You never know. Miracles happen.

My recent proof of this is that I offered one-third of the asking price of this house, certain I'd be laughed out of the office, and when the Seller was called, it was immediately accepted. Lucky Pauper!!!

The Official Move date is Jan. 2nd 2014, (Happy New Year) but I should have the keys and start moving next week. Very, very relieved. E-X-H-A-L-E at last.

Nobody knows the levels of fear that one can sustain until it's tested.

Happy Holidays, all you secure and family-affiliated Normals. I trek forward, face to the wind.


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